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I get lots of personal requests for keynote and featured presentations at conferences, for professional development days for teachers, and for programs for families and the public. I thought I’d create a place on the Blog where folks interested in a presentation could find out where I might be speaking in the near future, read descriptions of my presentations, and read some comments from teachers, students, and parents in attendance.


The objective for all programs is to get the audience engaged and  involved—regardless of audience size. We can easily customize a presentation to specific goals you might have in mind.


If I can help you inspire the next generation, energize and train teachers across a school district, or promote family learning, then send me an e-mail. And if I’m already flying out, you might want to do a couple of programs for different audiences, e.g., a program for teachers across a district during the day, and a family/public presentation for your community in the evening.


Also, if I’m not available, I can see if someone else at the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education might be.


Here you go!

Recent and Upcoming Presentations

So You Want To Know What I Talk About

Comments from Teachers, Parents & Students



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