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Below is the Twitter Stream for Sally Jensen (@cosmicfrog) for MESSENGER’s 3rd flyby of Mercury.

Tweets are in reverse order, dates covered in this archive: 9/28-10/1 2009

October 1st

twitter (feed #8)

doctorjeff Does a DSM need a gravity assist before that happened? [cosmicfrog]
12:11pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
To do a DSM, does there have to be a gravity assist first? [cosmicfrog]
10:59am via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
@doctorjeff Once Messenger is in orbit around Mercury, how long will each orbit take? [cosmicfrog]
10:32am via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
@doctorjeff What troubles have you faced planning this mission? [cosmicfrog]
10:30am via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
@doctorjeff What do you think the dark blue spots on Mercury could be? [cosmicfrog]
10:15am via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
@doctorjeff Why do scientists use Radio waves to communicate if they are the slowest? [cosmicfrog]
10:10am via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
@doctorjeff Do you think that Mercury formed when Earth wass formed? [cosmicfrog]
10:09am via Twitter

September 30th

twitter (feed #8)
Just come from a science team meeting. The Fellows were introduced. Cool!! [cosmicfrog]
4:58pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
@ThilinaH The primary purpse of the 3rd flyby was successful. that is cool!!
there was some lost of data but that is real science. [cosmicfrog]
1:07pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
The Primary Purpose of the Gravity Assist by the MESSENGER space craft was sucessful!! YEAH!!! [cosmicfrog]
1:01pm via Twitter
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@queechies gravity assist to slow MESSENGER down and get ready for orbit insertion for 2011, 18 months from now. [cosmicfrog]
9:44am via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
going to work on images [cosmicfrog]
9:43am via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
@doctorjeff thank you!! [cosmicfrog]
9:30am via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
I am working at building #3 and I just saw one of the images. MESSENGER is in safe mode. primary purpose was sucessful [cosmicfrog]
9:29am via Twitter

September 29th

twitter (feed #8)
MESSENGER is speaking to us again. YEAH!!! [cosmicfrog]
7:04pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
@ThilinaH the gama ray is the instrument. mechanically cooled [cosmicfrog]
6:58pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
@ThilinaH yes, there is one instrument that needs to be cooled. We are checking which one. [cosmicfrog]
6:56pm via Twitter
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@ThilinaH The sun shade keeps the spacecraft protected from the sun. the instruments are kept at about room temperature. [cosmicfrog]
6:44pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
@PamelaMcLeod Just read the message from porchdragon, I am willing to come an talk about the MESSENGER Education Modules for teachers. cool [cosmicfrog]
6:41pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
@egvick Tweeps in tune to?? [cosmicfrog]
6:34pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
@ScienceDome Well, they are a bit shorter. We have no fingernails. The waiting is unreal. [cosmicfrog]
6:32pm via Twitter
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We are talking and waiting to hear from MESSENGER in about 45 minutes. [cosmicfrog]
6:17pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
no action now. MESSENGER good luck. Be o.k. [cosmicfrog]
6:13pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
in the time when we will not hear from the MESSENGER. there was dead silence in this room, because this happened earlier than projected [cosmicfrog]
6:12pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
Dr. Jeff, Crossing continental US in 1 min 20 sec. totally fast. [cosmicfrog]
5:29pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
40 minutes away, time flies. only 40 minutes [cosmicfrog]
5:14pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
With the best science happening!! [cosmicfrog]
5:02pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
in a room with MESSENGER Fellows and scientists. What a buzz. talking, activity, awesome [cosmicfrog]
4:56pm via Twitter

September 28th

twitter (feed #8)
I am all packed and ready to go to Washington D.C. Now to get some sleep!! [cosmicfrog]
6:46pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
just sent a photo to the newspaper; 2 papers have picked up on the NASA MESSENGER event. Yes, let’s get the word out. [cosmicfrog]
2:22pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #8)
Getting ready for a meeting to set up agenda for the middle school team. packing and making sure I do not forget anything. great morning. [cosmicfrog]
7:13am via Twitter


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