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Below is the Twitter Stream for Dr. Christina Dorr (@CHD2009) for MESSENGER’s 3rd flyby of Mercury.

Tweets are in reverse order, dates covered in this archive: 9/28-10/1 2009

October 1st

twitter (feed #5)
Check out the website, new photos just posted. We have had the opportunity to choose some of them! And we’ve just seen a mosaic of them all. [CHD2009]
9:51am via Twitter

September 30th

twitter (feed #5)
Only parts that aren’t are both poles:( MESSENGER is safe & healthy & gravity assist to help it get it into orbit in 1 1/2 yrs successful! [CHD2009]
12:17pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #5)
Even though there was some loss of communication, MESSENGER was able to take photos of Mercury. So now we have 95% of Mercury photographed! [CHD2009]
12:15pm via Twitter

September 29th

twitter (feed #5)

MESSENGER is out of black out & communication is back! They aren’t sure yet what happened but probably most of the data will still be there! [CHD2009]
7:16pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #5)
MESSENGER is on the back side of Mercury 51 minute “black out” time, lost connections. It should be turning to point the instruments. [CHD2009]
6:05pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #5)
For the speed at which MESSENGER is now traveling, if it were crossing the continental US, it would now take it only 1 minute 20 seconds! [CHD2009]
6:03pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #5)
MESSENGER is traveling 2 miles per second and the instruments are preparing themselves to start collecting data. Much more to come! [CHD2009]
5:19pm via Twitter
twitter (feed #5)
Wow! I’m here In less than 1 hour the data from Mercury will begin to come down for this second flyby. The scientists will be interpreting. [CHD2009]
4:42pm via Twitter


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