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At a time when there is a great disparity in educational

preparedness for students across America…

At a time when it should be the birthright of all students to an education

that allows them to successfully enter the job markets of the 21st century…

At a time when America must inspire its next generation of scientists and

engineers if we as a nation are to compete in the technology markets

of the 21st century…


Are we rising to the challenge?



These are the issues that weigh heavily on me as a science educator, and which I’m charged with addressing as Center Director for the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education. Through national STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics) education programs we’re trying to make a difference.


One way I get word out that these problems can be solved is through social media like Twitter, where in 140 characters you can say something short and powerful, and have conversations with Americans across the nation that are interested in education as a critical path to our future. You might in fact be interested in an essay I wrote at Huffngton Post on the The Remarkable Power of Twitter : A Water Cooler for the 21st Century, which I think provides great insight into why social media offer so much more than a place to report on what you had for lunch.


One of the folks I follow on Twitter is Sharon Glassman who is the producer of Boomer Alley Radio and co-hosts with Marc Sotkin. (Hey, if you’d like to follow Sharon on Twitter, you can find her here: @sharonglassman). Sharon extended a wonderful invitation for me to share my thoughts on science education, and education in general, on Boomer Alley Radio. And I had a great time with the interview, talking to Sharon and Marc.


I thought some of you listeners might want more, so I offered to put up a page for Boomer Alley Radio at this Blog on the Universe, where science education is about conceptual understanding at an emotional level. Below is a list of links to essays I’ve written here at this Blog and for Huffington Post that you might enjoy. You might even want to subscribe to the Blog.



But first a word from our commercial sponsor. If you’d like to help us bring the joys of learning and human exploration to communities across the U.S.—tens of thousands of students, teachers, families and the public—then there is something very simple and cost free that you can do. Whenever you shop at, just go to Amazon through our Affiliates Link. Just Bookmark the How You Can Help page at the Center’s website, and always go to Amazon through our Amazon Banner that is found half-way down on  that page.

Finally, we have just launched the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP), a historic and time critical opportunity for a school district to reserve an experiment slot in a real research mini-laboratory on the final flight of the U.S. Space Shuttle Program, and conduct an experiment design competition for up to 3,200 students across the district vying for their reserved slot. If you know of a school district that might want to do this, direct them to the SSEP website, where they can also see my video interview on the SSEP program for STEM Stream TV.


This is all pretty cool stuff!!





The links to some relevant essays I’ve written at Huffington Post:


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The Remarkable Power of Twitter: A Water Cooler for the 21st Century



Some relevant posts and pages at Blog on the Universe:


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Read an overview of my Keynote Address to 10,000 scince teachers at the National Science Teachers Association National Conference in San Franciso, March 2011. Maybe I’ll see some of you there!!!


Want to bring a program to your community that could change the way one looks at science and human exploration?  Call me!


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