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No Blog is an island. Without an engaged audience, Blog on the Universe is nothing more than a stream of consciousness dutifully collected by servers across the planet, and preserved in perpetuity for no reason at all. Not the fate I’d bestow on any blog (or blog writer.)


A successful blog is an environment where meaningful ideas can be shared—where posts invite comment by readers, where readers’ deeper thoughts about posts are discussed on their own blogs and social networks, and where organizations with a common mission provide links to the blog from their web sites.


So I decided to create this Friends of Blog on the Universe page, a Grand Central Station of sorts where riders of all trains that stop at this blog have a chance to meet.


If you’re a teacher, a parent, a representative of an organization, or just someone excited about these stories and where they take you, and you want to share Blog on the Universe through a link on your web site or through a newsletter, let me know. I’d like to add you or your organization to this page, including a short mission statement (if an organization), a quote from you about Blog on the Universe, and a reciprocal link to your website.



Friends of Blog on the Universe

By providing tools and activities to ignite our children’s curiosity about the universe and our place in it, Dr. Jeff’s Blog instills a spirit of wonder and excitement about learning, enhancing our next generation’s ability to make the world a better place.

—Tides Center

Social innovation partner to activists and organizations who share our vision of a just, healthy, and sustainable world


Dr. Jeff has a great knack for making science accessable to everyone and his enthusiasm and excitement are truly infectious. I’m extremely proud to be part of such great undertakings like Blog on the Universe as well as NCESSE’s other programs.

—Drew Roman, Owner, Principal Consultant, Decisive IT, Inc.

Making the world a better place a few bytes at a time through innovative and efficient IT solutions and furthering the advancement of STEM education


This blog could be the next Cosmic Log!

—WI Astronomy

Space and Astronomy News, Star Parties, and Events for the Midwest


Dr. Jeff is able to explain complex science in ways that students can understand and that teachers can use to excite their classrooms.  His post—A Day in the Life of The Earth—is one of the most useful descriptions of the pace and seriousness of climate change that we have ever seen.

—The Climate Community

Discuss, educate and reward….


Dr. Jeff has the unique gift of being able to explain big ideas in science to students and teachers and inspire them to discover more about astronomy and space science. His blog is a great tool for parents, students and teachers to delve into our fascinating universe and become explorers themselves.

—Rita Karl, Director of Education, Challenger Center for Space Science Education

Challenger Center uses students’ natural enthusiasm for space to create innovative learning experiences for imaginative young minds


Dr. Jeff and Blog on the Universe provide highly motivating, stimulating, and fun resources for children, parents, and teachers. Journey Through the Universe, in which scientists and engineers visit individual classrooms, is one of Dr. Jeff’s many activities furthering the growth and development of our nation’s most precious resource—our young people.

David Lemberg, Executive Producer, SCIENCE AND SOCIETY

Promoting and supporting public understanding and awareness of science, and promoting and supporting math and science education


Dr. Jeff and Blog on the Universe are a phenomenal portal for myself and my students to all things space. Many times I have used Blog on the Universe as a teaching tool to help give context to concepts that are often too abstract for students to follow.

—Marty Kelsey, 7th grade science teacher and creator of Walking the Solar System: Audio Tour

Walking the Solar System: Audio Tour is a series of 15 audio tracks to accompany the Voyage Exhibition in Kansas CIty, infusing science, history, math and the arts.



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