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You’ll see that I’ve got lots of ideas and thoughts to share. Yet an individual Blog post is supposed to be reasonably short. For those of you who would like more, I’ve created these Dr. Jeff on Stuff Resource Pages, addressing big concepts like—the universe, the power of models in science and science educatiion, human exploration, and teaching. This is also where I can expand on a Blog post that deserves more in depth treatment, for example, my Dr. Jeff Speaks Out posts which address important debates in the news like global warming.   


So if you have the time, and maybe with a cup of coffee in hand, explore these Dr. Jeff on Stuff pages. I’ve also provided pointers for teachers and parents on how to use these pages in the classroom. and at home with your own children. The pointers are on the Cool Resources For Teachers and For Parents pages.  


Finally, I’d like to invite you to post comments on the Dr. Jeff on Stuff pages to let me know what you think, and maybe even suggest a topic for a new page!



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