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We’ve Got to Be That Light
A Gift to America’s Teachers


A heartfelt thank you to teachers across America

for their unwavering dedication to the next generation.


What has happened to joyful learning for our students? Should that not be a birthright? What has happened to joyful teaching for our teachers? Have we as a nation lost sight of this noblest of professions, and its selfless calling?
From shore to shore it seems clear that we as a nation are in the midst of an educational transformation away from joyful learning for students—and teachers. The national strategic need to increase student performance is now following the path of educational least resistance, and with education becoming the slave to testing. Couple this with the economic contraction at state and local levels, and the burden on our teachers is becoming unbearable. They are losing their passion. They are leaving teaching.  Is there anyone at the helm of this great ship?


They are the vital link between the current generation and the next.  Does anybody hear their plea?

A request Please pass this video to teachers across this great nation as we begin the new school year

Does the nation recognize that  TThe economic climate is stressing the educational system as never before in our lifetimes,

On a greater stage, American’s now live with an uncertain future about our nation’s role in the 21st century, and how that role will impact the way we live. But the future is not yet written, and I firmly believe that future resides in how well we teach our children. For all these reasons, John and I created this video to herald in the new school year. Right now, in this moment, we need to reaffirm to our teachers why we went into teaching, and to recognize their selfless and noble dedication to lighting the way.


Teaching is the eternal bond between young and old that is at its heart—joy.
– drjeff

Dr. Jeff Goldstein, Center Director
National Center for Earth and Space Science Education


John Boswell
Symphony of Science


Symphony of Science Remix
Keynote Address “Science – It’s Not a Book of Knowledge … It’s a Journey”
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) National Conference
March 2011, San Francisco, CA


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n advance of my keynote address, I wrote a blog post on what this high honor meant to me

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John and I would  like to thank all those organizations and individuals that made this video possible—


A special thanks to the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) for providing the video footage of my Keynote Address at the March 2011 National Conference in San Francisco.


We would like to thank the following teachers and organizations for thoughtful suggestions, and images of joyful learning.


Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum
Birmingham North City Learning Centre, England
Fairmount Elementary School, Carol Fraser, photographer
Gemini Observatory
Houston Symphony, Jami Lupold, photographer
Pearl Hall Elementary, Building Cultural Bridges, Jami Lupold, photographer


Kathleen Benditt, Janice Harvey, Louisa Jaggar, James Jordan, Jennifer Kelley, Stefanie Long, Colleen McIntyre, Sandy Montgomery, Gary Patterson, Pat Smith, Pam Whiffen, Cathy Williamson



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