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 Posted by DrJeff on June 19th, 2009

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Hello sports fans (a shout out to Captain Herbst). I’m really excited that starting today I’ll be regularly posting at the Huffington Post. Most will be crossposts with Blog on the Universe, but I’ll also be writing original material for HuffPost.


On Huffington today, Dr. Jeff”s Let’s Ban English in School … Except in English Class which is a reworked version of the introduction to this Week’s Challenge What Can You Do With a Humongous Piece of Xerox Paper? It’s featured in the Comedy Section! (I wonder why.)



This is also a good opportunity for some site news:


IMPORTANT REQUEST: In light of the grave climate change report out of the White House three days ago on June 16, please help disseminate to folks far and wide the recent post A Day in the Life of the Earth, which was my best attempt to put the crisis in an understandable perspective. If you can, please Tweet, share on Facebook, and send out emails with the link to this post. You can use the shortened link: http://bit.ly/SUnZV



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