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It is so exciting to see so many emails and tweets from folks that embrace what I’m trying to do with Blog on the Universe, and want to help spread the word. I’ve been asked for a flyer that can be distributed at meetings or used as an email attachment, a Blog description that can be inserted into an email blast, and for banners to be placed on other websites and blogs. Tom Grzadzielewski at WI Astronomy even offered to, and then built a Blog on the Universe widget! This is great!


I’ll do anything I can to help folks put this Blog to work for teachers, parents, the public, and our children. That’s why I created it! So to help spread the word here are the resources you’ve all requested.



Networking Resources

1. One page Flyer (PDF) about Blog on the Universe.


2. A description that can be put in an email and distributed via listserve (the second

paragraph is powerful, but if space is limited, it can be removed):


Subject: Blog on the Universe from the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education


Launched in May 2009, Blog on the Universe is for anyone who gets joy from learning and aspires to know. It is also dedicated to helping teachers and parents make science an adventure. Every week use Dr. Jeff’s new conceptual nuggets and challenges to foster thought-provoking and inspiring discussions in the classroom and at home. It’s a blog committed to conceptual understanding at an emotional level, helping to make the nature of the world understandable to all, and teachable by both teachers and parents. Join Dr. Jeff and take a ride to the frontiers of human exploration—together.


The compelling posts include a Weekly Challenge, Teachable Moments in the News, Dr. Jeff Speaks Out on the debate of the moment, and the endearing Driving with Jordi. The blog also contains Resource Pages with essays on the nature of our existence in a greater universe, the art of teaching, and the power of models in learning environments, powerful quotes on human exploration, a look at climate change, and resource lists for teachers, parents, and community leaders.


Get emotional about science. Visit  and read “About This Blog”


Blogger Jeff Goldstein, Ph.D., is the Center’s Director


3. Banners for incorporation into your website or blog

To download a banner—

for Mac: drag to desktop; for PC: right click, and save image


An important request from my friend Drew Roman at Decisive IT:

Please do not hotlink to the banner images on Blog on the Universe.

Banner Size: 234 x 60 pixels







Banner Size 234 x 60 pixels







4. A Blog on the Universe widget at created by Tom Grzadzielewski

at WI Astronomy for incorporation into your website or blog. Big thanks Tom!



visit Store Galactica, supporting programs of the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education

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