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If it’s Monday it’s time for Dr. Jeff’s Weekly Challenge.


There’s nothing like a good challenge to get you engaged and excited. Just look at online and multimedia gaming to see the power of a challenge. So … I’ll use Dr. Jeff’s Weekly Challenge to get everyone thinking about something familiar but in a bold new way, and challenge you to come up with an answer. And I hope the answer will stun.


The Weekly Challenge is for anyone, but it’s particularly great for teachers and parents. It’s something a class can do together—knowing classes across the nation, in fact possibly worldwide are doing it too—and something parents can do at home with their children. Or if you’re in your office taking a break, or at home, take it on as a personal challenge.


Here’s the Plan: The challenge is launched on a Monday, you’ll have until the following Monday to come up with a solution, which is when I’ll post it on the Blog. Then we’ll take a week off and the new challenge will be posted on the next Monday. So every Monday you can expect either a new challenge or a solution to the prior week’s challenge.


As a scientist, I also realize my solution may not be unique. So send in your creative solutions via the comments block, and I’ll post the ones that are way cool.


I should also point out that scientists and engineers are driven by the challenge to explore places they’ve never been. For the scientist, it starts with a question about the natural world and they challenge themselves to find a pathway to an answer. For the engineer, it starts with the need to create something new to do a particular job, and it’s a personal challenge to design and build it. The concept of a challenge is fundamental to exploration and science—and learning. You know what scientists and engineers feel when they succeed? What kids feel when they beat that high score they’ve been after on their Game Boy.  


You might also want to read my Resource Page on Scientists and Engineers as Heroes.



You can do the challege with your class through the week, and on the weekend your kids can bring the challenge home to their parents, and get them engaged. Then on Monday, I’ll post the answer.


You also might want to get together with your colleagues and consider a school-wide competition.



If your child is not doing the challenge in school, then do it as a family learning activity.


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