Tweetisms for the 21st Century – The Education Edition Part 2

 Posted by DrJeff on October 6th, 2010

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I liked the “In our classrooms …” series of Tweets on October 4 so much that I came up with a few more:)


I wanted to share—


In our classrooms, the experience should mirror the interdisciplinary nature of life, and not the subject of the hour. 

In our classrooms, the joys of learning should wash over student AND teacher. 

In our classrooms, a teacher passes a piece of themselves to the next generation, so our children may go where none have gone before.

In our classrooms, every child must learn that the power of one can move the world. 

In our classrooms, it should not be about the acquisition of knowledge, but what we may do with knowledge in the face of …. a question.

In our classrooms, we must celebrate the past, embrace the present, and inspire the future. 

In our classrooms, curiosity must flourish, and organizing that curiosity is the goal.


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