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 Posted by DrJeff on October 5th, 2010

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Hi all-


I’m now back from the intensity of months spent creating and launching the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP), with 25,000 students across the U.S. now designing real experiments to fly aboard the second to last Space Shuttle flight, STS-134, the flight of Endeavour in February 2011. Pretty cool, huh. The SSEP is designed to provide regular student access to SPACE for grades 5-12, and leverage that exciting opportunity across entire school districts. SSEP embraces the notion of STUDENT AS SCIENTIST.


A big favor to ask—PLEASE help us spread the word on the SSEP via your social networks. We want to make sure that the nation knows about this bold new national STEM education initiative. If you’re on Twitter, here are two Tweets you can just cut and paste!


UPDATE: Student Spaceflight Experiments Program Now in Full Swing, GO FOR LAUNCH –


How do you get kids excited about #science? LET THEM *BE* SCIENTISTS. And why not on the #SPACE SHUTTLE. #nasa


Speaking of Twitter, and to help me ease back into Blog on the Universe, below is a steady stream of consciousness on education that I unleashed on my PLN (Personal Learning Network) last night (October 4, 2010). I thought I’d share. If you’re a Tweep, by all means feel free to Re-Tweet any and all to your PLN. And if you think Twitter is not about education, and really just for folks that want to broadcast what they had for lunch (I call them lunchies), read my post at Huffington Post titled The Remarkable Power of Twitter—A Water Cooler for the 21st Century. I think it does a great job of providing a real understanding of social media for education, and the means by which these online environments allows us to reach out in meaningful ways to the world.


One review: “Kudos, Jeff. This is one of the best posts about Twitter I’ve read in a long time. You really describe it well, especially the best that it has to offer.”


Here now my Tweets last night—


In our classrooms, let’s not lecture, but instead, entice the gift of a question. #education #teacher #science #school

In our classrooms, let’s not talk ABOUT science or teach the book of knowledge, let kids DO science and embrace …. journey. #teacher

In our classrooms, let’s not kill inquiry and exploration, let’s nurture it … for it’s in our genes. #education #teacher #space #science

In our #science classrooms, let’s embrace personality and uniqueness of thought, and not teach the scientific method as rigid scripture.

In our classrooms, let’s recognize that #teachers are the link between the legacy of human exploration and what awaits the next generation.

In our classrooms, there should be ….. magic. #education #teacher #science #school #principal

In our classrooms, the power of the one should be nurtured to flourish, and the power of the many … to shout from the towers. #education

In our classrooms, let’s foster an understanding that inquiry is an art, and practitioners are artists.

In our classrooms, we need joy … for is not empowering oneself to learn something new … joyful? #education #teacher #principal

In our classrooms, let’s not teach to the test so that we extinguish that which is innately human. #education #teacher #science #school

In our classrooms we have precious minds, and we need teachers to gently lead the way.


After that flurry of deeply felt beliefs on education, I invited my PLN to some relevant essays here at BotU and at Huffington Post. Let me invite you as well. Grab a  cup of coffee—


A heartfelt thank you to teachers EVERYWHERE. The Art of Teaching:

A window on the nature of our existence, and the role of teachers:

In my mind, education and 9/11 – from a New Yorker and Educator- Sept 8 and Sept 11 Joy Pain, and Hope #teacher


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