TMN QuickLinks: NASA LCROSS to Slam into Moon October 9, 2009

 Posted by DrJeff on October 7th, 2009

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There’s an exciting event scheduled on the Moon, and you’re invited. The NASA LCROSS spacecraft and it’s Atlas V Centaur upper stage rocket will slam into the lunar South Pole on October 9 at 4:30 am PDT. It is going to be a BIG news story AND IT SHOULD BE VISIBLE TO YOU if you’re west of the Mississippi (in the U.S.) AND you can hook up with an amateur astronomer with a good-sized (recommended 10-12-inch aperture) telescope. Sounds like a good motivation for an impact party to me.


There is a Blog on the Universe Post—If I Could Gift Wrap the Moon—that is perfect for a thought-provoking, conceptually hard-hitting classroom discussion about the size of the Moon and its relationship to Earth in advance of (even after) the LCROSS impact. It includes simple and quite elegant hands-on activities.


Here are the links:

An overview of the LCROSS Mission

On viewing the impact


Where on the Moon to look and the technical requirements for viewing


At Blog on the Universe: If I Could Gift Wrap the Moon


If I Could Gift Wrap the Moon: essential questions, key concepts, learning objectives, math skills, and special features are all listed in the Teachers Lesson Planner.


Hope you see it!



P.S.—  OH NO! We’re slamming this thing into the Moon?! Here’s the new post to calm your mind.



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  1. Sally Jean Jensen Says:
    October 17th, 2009 at 11:57 am

    I have this challenge in time for a presentation to two 6th grade classes and a workshop on Sunday. Thanks. This is neat. When I finally get my students, I definitely will be using your blog and the challenge of the week stuff. Again, thank you so much.